Lumyri Ultimate GPS Tracking Solution

For Customers

Download Lumyri’s GPS tracking app for consumers on your mobile phone to leverage advanced tracking features anywhere, anytime.

For Businesses

Get exclusive access to Lumyri’s GPS tracking solution for businesses to enjoy seamless mapping and navigation experiences.

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For Drivers

Go to your app store now and download Lumyri Driver App, equipping yourself with real-time updates about your deliveries.

Track Smarter, Grow Faster

Equip your business with our powerful GPS tracking solution. The high-performance routing engines, accurate travel times, and intuitive directions let you stay on the right track.

Featured GPS Tracking Platform For Businesses

Lumyri's advanced GPS tracking solution will revolutionize the way you track all your assets and vehicles throughout the shipping process. Now follow a holistic approach to monitor, manage, and simplify deliveries.

Accessing our web-based GPS tracking platform is easy. With a few clicks, you'll be able to start tracking your deliveries and keeping up with the progress.

Food Tracking

Food Tracking

Get notified of the whereabouts of your order and stay up-to-date with the delivery status.

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White Label GPS Tracking Software


Lumyri GPS Tracking App For Customers

Lumyri GPS tracking app enables customers to track all deliveries with ease—whether it's a package, service, vehicle, our tracking app

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Customer-Driven GPS Tracking Features

  • Map Location

    Lumyri’s expert white label GPS tracking software tracks live locations of the delivery drivers headed to you.

  • ETA Updates

    Highlight the estimated time of each delivery with 100% accuracy with Lumyri’s GPS tracking solution.

  • Real-time Chat

    With Lumyri it becomes possible to immediately messaging and call the delivery drivers. This allows for total transparency.

  • Progress Alerts

    Lumyri’s white label GPS tracking software sends timely notifications about delivery time, status, and distance.

demo on iphone

Lumyri Driver Mobile App

Lumyri GPS Tracking App for Drivers takes only a moment to download and access, making it easier for delivery agents to simplify everything

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Food Orders

Vehicle Tracking

Monitor the location of your cars or other vehicles in real-time.

Food Orders

Service Providers

Provides real-time tracking for all service providers, cleaning and more.

Food Orders

Shopping Parcels

Log-in to see where your bags, books, clothes are.

Food Orders

Food Orders

Track your food orders from a restaurant, bar, or hotel.

Food Orders

Delivery Tracking

Real-time tracking of package deliveries or courier services.

Food Orders

School Buses

Ensure student safety by optimizing bus routes and monitoring driver behavior.

Food Orders

Road Vehicles

Freely track location or request roadside assistance with ensured timely service.

Food Orders

Asset Tracking

Track the location of valuable assets with absolute ease.