Lumyri GPS Tracking For Agriculture

Lumyri’s state-of-art GPS tracking technology enables agribusinesses, farmers, and agriculture industry to effectively track heavy equipment & agriculture machinery. The smarter farming with Lumyri Agriculture GPS tracking solution allows you to collect data, make informed decisions, and right resource utilization. With no additional hardware requirement, farmers and agribusiness owners can track all through the cloud-based solution accessible anywhere, anytime.

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Agriculture GPS Tracking – Smart Farming Enabled


Farm Equipment Tracking

With geo-location technology, you can track heavy farm equipment and valuable agriculture assets in the remote rural areas. Plan and execute operations based on the real-time location.


Remote Field Management

Enhance productivity and improve remote field management efficiency with agriculture GPS tracking solutions. Effectively monitor the movement of machinery and routes taken to optimize the field/crops operations.


Asset Safety & Tracking

Know where exactly your farm/agriculture asset or heavy machinery is with GPS geolocation technology ensuring security and mitigating the risk of theft or loss. All through centarlized platform.


Improved Driver Behavior

Take real-time insights into farm driver actions and activities associated with the tasks assigned to the workforce. No need for an additional tracker – All through a user-friendly driver mobile app.


Improved Crop Yield

Leverage data-driven insights and analytics to utilize the resource for the specific area/farm. The Agriculture GPS tracking solution gives you real-time alerts and notifications to make right decisions.


Smart Farm Planning

The advanced mapping data provided by the Lumyri’s Agriculture GPS Tracking Platform allows farmers and agribusiness owners in smart farm planning needed to enhance ROI and crop yield.


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Agriculture GPS Tracking Solution

Without real-time visibility of agriculture machinery and equipment, Agriculture/farming businesses may encounter delays, inefficient resource allocation, unauthorized equipment usage, and inaccurate route planning that will lead to wasted time and increased fuel costs.

Lumyri offers a tailored GPS tracking solution designed specifically for the agriculture industry. With Lumyri’s Agriculture GPS tracking for fleets and route optimization capabilities, you can significantly reduce cost and streamline farm operations.

  • Real-time asset tracking
  • Better utilization of field and vehicle equipments
  • Efficient route planning and optimization
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Data-Driven GPS Tracking Enabled Farming

Highly accurate Lumyri digital harvesting and farming maps provide agribusinesses with the data-driven waypoints to make informed decisions. Moreover, with the accurate machinery utilization, you can optimize the task and deployment of operations & resources with agriculture GPS tracking to enhance the efficiency of farming business.

  • Real-Time Task Visibility
  • Efficient Routing and Navigation
  • Improved Safety and Compliance
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making
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White Label Agriculture GPS Tracking System

Incorporate white-label Agriculture GPS tracking system to your business for a more controlled management in your own branding. The ultimate GPS tracking system comes with a cloud-based web application for streamlined management and a driver app for enhanced productivity. The flexibility of Lumyri’s agriculture GPS tracking system allows the seamless integration into your existing structure by reflecting a brand identity and cohesive experience for you and your team.

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Agriculture Fleet Driver Mobile App

The Lumyri’s fleet driver mobile app is an innovative solution developed to empower the Agriculture businesses’ workforce by optimizing the task management and real-time tracking. The route optimization capabilities of the application allows drivers to access optimized routes and receive task assignments alerts instantly to avoid delays.

Download the free agriculture GPS tracking app for drivers, available at Android & iOS for more streamlined operations and improved efficiency in managing agri-fleets.

  • Instant task assignment and updates with real-time tickets
  • Real-time location tracking of fleets and drivers
  • Well-timed and managed farming operations
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Streamlining Agriculture Workflows

Real-Time Task Management

Take advantage of real-time task management capabilities of Lumyri agriculture GPS tracking platform to improve and ensure smooth operations. Instant notifications, alerts, and task ticket generation to keep your workforce informed.


Lumyri Route Optimization For Agribusinesses

Optimized routes with Lumyri’s agriculture GPS tracking solution.

  • Data Integration & Analysis

    Lumyri’s GPS software tracking system collects and frequently updates mapping data from different cloud-based engines.

  • GPS Algo-Driven Optimization

    The built-in algorithms of Lumyri allows it to identify field locations and stops to identify the optimized routes to be taken.

  • Real-time Adaption

    The route planning is not one-time and done task in Lumyri solution – It optimally analyze and update location data points in real-time.


Real-Time GPS Tracking For Agriculture Industry

Expedite agribusinesses’ operations with real-time Lumyri GPS tracking solution developed to achieve agriculture success.


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Free Ebook
Free Ebook

Free eBook

Farming 4.0: The Future of Agriculture with GPS Tracking

Download the ebook to discover how GPS technology revolutionizes farming practices, from precision planting to smart irrigation, ushering in a new era of efficiency and sustainability in agriculture.

All-in-One Lumyri Agriculture GPS Solution


Maximum Equipment Utilization

Optimized equipment deployment and minimized downtime based on equipment location and availability to maximize the utilization.


Maximum Performance Tracking

Accurately monitor equipment performance metrics in real-time and track task completion rates & driver performance for maximized efficiency.


Fuel And Asset Management

Route planning/optimization can help in managing fuel consumption ensuring high operational standards at less cost and managed assets.


Big Data Analysis

Get insight into the big data to analyze resource allocation, equipment handling, and geolocation for data-driven adjustments.

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