Visibility On Assets With Lumyri GPS Tracking Solution

Lumyri stands as the ideal GPS tracking solution for the government fleet management, offering a comprehensive suite of tools to enhance efficiency and control. Lumyri’s real-time fleet tracking ensures better visibility, reduces the risk of theft and unauthorised use of government vehicles, and optimises fleet utilisation for cost-effectiveness.

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GPS Tracking Solution For Government Vehicles


Insightful Decisions

Make critical day to day decisions based on the insights from the Lumyri GPS Tracking Solutions. Improve your overall efficiency of government fleet management to make informed decisions


Reduce Cost

Lumyri's GPS tracking solution plays a crucial role in reducing the overall cost involved by keeping the vehicles track record in check for any misuse that can add to extra cost.


Driver’s Safety

A GPS tracking platform like Lumyri can ensure the high level of safety standards by offering complete tracking for assets and the personnel operating them.


Asset Maintenance

Government vehicles, operated by multiple personnel can lead to loose track of maintenance schedules. With Lumyri’s GPS Tracking Solution, vehicle records can be verified for the mileage.


Ensuring Accountability

Ensuring accountability requires a transparent and factual system. Lumyri’s GPS Solution can serve as a system to authenticate the accountability of government vehicles.


Notifications and Alarms

Lumyri offers a complete government fleet management solution for geofencing, real time communication and custom notification that can be set to raise an alarm for any vehicle violation.


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GPS Platform For Government Fleet Management

Lumyri offers a powerful GPS tracking solution designed to address the unique challenges faced by government agencies. With real-time visibility, efficient route planning, and data-driven insights, Lumyri enables government entities to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance safety. The white label GPS software from Lumyri is the ideal choice for government departments.

In order to keep the accountability intact for the government departments and increase their efficiency in service delivery, a highly functional GPS tracking System like Lumyri is essential. It can offer:

  • Cost Effective Real time Tracking.
  • Complete Record of Vehicle Utilisation.
  • Protection for High Value Assets.
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Promoting Government Vehicle Safety

By identifying and addressing potential issues promptly, Lumyri helps avoid costly delays and ensures optimized government vehicle utilisation. The efficient routes planned by Lumyri result in reduced fuel consumption, contributing to overall cost savings and vehicle safety.

  • Avoid Extra Costs.
  • Ensure Safety For Drivers.
  • Reduce Threats To Vehicle Safety.
  • Planning With Insightful Information.
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GPS Tracking Dashboard For Government

Government agencies are servers for the communities. Their decisions affect the masses and the day to day planning should be based on insightful information. Highly capable GPS systems are necessary for local, state and federal government departments to show their performance and its validation with the comparable data insights. There are several benefits for having a dedicated GPS tracking dashboard to manage government vehicles. From seamless asset tracking to planning of resource allocation, the Lumyri’s vehicle tracking software is the top choice for government officials.

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Highly Dependable Government Fleet Management System

If you're a government agency looking to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance safety, Lumyri is the perfect solution for you. Contact us today to learn more about how Lumyri can empower your organization with GPS Tracking Platform.

To ensure timely service delivery and efficient resource utilization, government departments can use the highly dependable GPS technology that offers the use of high end algorithms for their route planning. Choose Lumyri to empower government vehicle fleet along with:

  • Ensuing a High Quality Public Service
  • Harness GPS Insights
  • Optimise Routes Efficiently
  • Informed Decision-Making
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Manage Government Fleet With Lumyri

Access real-time information

Stay informed about safety protocols and hazardous areas through geofencing alerts. Adapt to changing service needs and optimise official workflows. Lumyri's GPS Tracking Solution can help government agencies deliver services more efficiently.


Effective Route Planning For Government Fleet Management

Lumyri’s route planning algorithms are essential for the success of any size of government fleet.

  • Cost Effective Solution

    Lumyri’s GPS tracking system is a cost effective alternative for expensive softwares for government agencies.

  • State-of-the-art Algorithms

    The software uses optimization algorithms to calculate the most efficient sequence of waypoints.

  • Geofencing Features

    The software provides a geofencing feature to keep the government vehicles inside the allowed area.

  • Reporting & Insights

    Lumyri offers comprehensive reporting and insights to make decisions and policies for better fleet management.


Empowering Government Fleet

Transform your government fleet with Lumyri's GPS tracking solutions, optimising efficiency, safety, and communication in every service.


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Lumyri For Government Fleet Tracking



Operate all of government logistic assets with a highly secure cloud-based GPS tracking system.



Stay informed and never miss a beat with Lumyri’s real-time notification and communication features.


Feature Rich

Including all the features that are highly dependable for the critical government fleet operations.


Cost Effective

Lumyri offers top notch GPS tracking solutions for government agencies at a competitive price.

Choose Lumyri As Your Technology Partner for GPS Tracking Solutions.

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