Uplifting Healthcare With Lumyri’s Tracking Software

Lumyri stands as the ideal GPS solution for hospital asset tracking in the healthcare sector, offering a comprehensive suite of tools to enhance medical logistics and patient care. Our real-time tracking capabilities ensure efficient management of medical fleets and critical assets, reducing delays and ensuring timely medical services. Route optimization features help healthcare providers plan the most efficient routes, ensuring medical staff can reach patients promptly, even in emergencies, and saving valuable time during medical transportation.

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GPS Tracking Platform For Patient Care


Resource Optimization

In the healthcare sector, efficient resource allocation is crucial to ensure optimal patient care. Lumyri's data-driven insights empower healthcare organisations to make informed decisions.


Safety First

Real-time tracking enables healthcare organisations to monitor medical vehicles and geofencing alerts help healthcare providers stay informed ensuring patient safety.


Ensuring Transparency

Lumyri's GPS tracking solutions also contribute to an improved patient experience and transparency. Transparent communication through the Lumyri platform fosters trust and relationship.


Asset Monitoring

Real-time hospital asset tracking and critical assets monitoring for efficient medical logistics. This allows for crucial monitoring of assets and deliverables.


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Emergency Hospital Asset Tracking Software

Lumyri offers a powerful GPS tracking solution, designed to address the unique challenges faced by the healthcare sector. With real-time visibility, efficient route planning, and data-driven insights, Lumyri enables healthcare organisations to improve efficiency, enhance patient safety, and optimise medical service delivery. Here’s how we, at Lumyri, make sure that your healthcare business is able to provide the best service for your patients.

  • Improved Efficiency
  • Cost Effective and Agile Communication
  • Optimal Safety for Medicinal Cargo
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Medical Assets Tracking With Lumyri:

Lumyri's real-time tracking capabilities enable healthcare providers to monitor medical fleets and critical assets in real time. This helps them to identify and address potential delays promptly, ensuring timely medical service delivery.

  • Route optimization relays real-time deliveries
  • Optimise resource allocation with transparent communication
  • Reduce traffic delays and ensure timely delivery
  • Access to data-driven insights
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Optimising Resource Allocation:

Data-driven insights provided by Lumyri empower healthcare organisations to make informed decisions regarding resource allocation. By analyzing real-time data on vehicle locations, patient transportation, and medical staff availability, healthcare providers can optimise resources and reduce costs, ultimately leading to improved patient care.

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Keeping Your Patients Safe

Lumyri empowers healthcare providers to ensure patient safety and satisfaction. A comprehensive GPS Tracking Platform can provide them with the tools they need to work efficiently, safely, and confidently. Its intuitive and user-friendly interface allows construction workers to access crucial information instantly. Lumyri's GPS tracking solutions offer real-time tracking, optimised routing, and data-driven insights, which allow healthcare workers to:

  • Gauge Progress Of Medical Services.
  • Choose the Best Suitable Routes.
  • Ensure Safety For Staff and Patients.
  • Collaborate Effectively With Medical Teams.
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Highlights Of GPS Tracking For Healthcare

Boosting Patient Experience

Lumyri's GPS tracking solutions contribute to an enhanced patient experience and transparency in the healthcare sector. Real-time updates on medical service arrivals provide patients and their families with peace of mind, reducing anxiety and uncertainty.


Streamlining Workflows

Stay on top of medical service tasks with real-time updates, ensuring healthcare workers are informed.

  • Medical Service Management:

    Instant medical service notifications empower workers to prioritise and execute tasks efficiently.

  • Asset Management:

    Effortlessly track critical medical assets and manage resources through the GPS Tracking app.

  • Patient Instruction:

    Healthcare workers can view patient details and medical instruction, ensuring precise and efficient service delivery.

  • Collaborative Tools:

    Foster seamless collaboration among healthcare team members through the app's built-in communication features.


Lumyri - GPS Tracking Empowered Healthcare

Transform your healthcare processes with Lumyri's GPS tracking solutions, optimising efficiency, safety, and communication in every medical service.


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Free Ebook

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Lumyri GPS Platform For Hospital Asset Tracking


Routing Efficiency

Dispatching the emergency assets requires route planning and Lumyri offers effective route selection.


Improved Patient Care

For better patient care, GPS tracking platforms can quickly locate assets to respond to patients in need.


Stop Equipment Theft

Monitor and manage on-road medical assets to avoid any loss of expensive equipment.


Tracking Shipments

Lumyri’s advanced GPS Tracking system offers highly functional features to track medical shipments.

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