Feature-Packed White Label GPS Tracking Platform


Farm and crop harvesting equipment monitoring and tracking

Lumyri White Label GPS tracking Software

Leverage the feature packed GPS tracking software by Lumyri for fleet management and streamline your deliveries while tracking your driver. Use your own branding and logo to customize the GPS tracking platform with a personalized interface. Utilize the full potential of GPS tracking technology with Lumyri.


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Custom GPS Tracking Platform

Have your own logo with a completely customizable theme, personalized for your business requirements. Lumyri offers end-to-end support for a fully functional GPS solution.

Cost Efficient Tracking Solution

Lumyri's commitment to offer the best GPS tracking software is helping businesses to meet their goals and scale operations without adding hefty costs.

System Updates With Full Support

Our team consistently strives to keep the GPS tracking Solution updated with the latest ad-ons and features. Expect the dedicated support and maintenance with Lumyri.

Partner With Lumyri For White Label GPS Tracking Solutions

Own Your GPS Tracking Solution

Lumyri offers the best suitable solution for complete fleet management. Easy to set up a dashboard for real-time notifications to keep track of deliveries.


No Additional Hardware

With Lumyri, you can track your drivers and your customers can track their deliveries without any clunky GPS hardware.

Get the advanced features of a GPS tracking software to align your business goals with white label GPS tracking solution.

GPS Tracking Dashboard

  • Setup Lumyri dashboard without any hassle
  • Create tracking tickets as you require
  • Monitor From any device
  • Maintenance free solution

Have your clients and stakeholders in loop and keep them informed to increase their trust on your deliveries and dispatch operations with Lumyri’s GPS Tracking Platform.


Meant For Enterprises

Companies are scaling up with advanced GPS tracking Solutions. Enhance your operational capacity and deliver with transparency by keeping your branding with white label GPS tracking solutions.

Benefits of White Label GPS Tracking Solution.


Personalized Branding

With white-label GPS tracking solutions, you can rebrand the software and customize it to match as per your business identity.


Win Customer Loyalty

Research suggests that customers are more likely to stay with a company that provides a seamless and branded experience.


Realtime Notifications

Never miss a tab with Lumyri's white label GPS tracking solution. Get notified for all the business critical updates in real time.


Cost Effective

Invest in white-label solutions to save time and resources. Experience Lumyri's highly efficient GPS tracking Platform without exhausting your budget.


Feature Rich Platform

Lumyri's promise to keep the GPS tracking platform updated with advanced features will keep your business on a growth track.


Excellent Customer Support

Get the top notch support for your business with Lumyri's white label tracking solutions and never experience downtime.


Get Lumyri White Lable GPS Tracking Solution

We understand that each business is unique, and so Lumyri offers you a GPS tracking platform that can be personalized as per your business requirements.

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Why Become White Label Partner with Lumyri?

GPS Tracking Dashboard

A highly efficient GPS platform to enhance your business efficiency.


Route Planning

Optimize routes with precision GPS tracking

Real-Time Tracking

Monitor assets with live data decision-making

Data Analytics

Operational optimization with historical data analytics

Custom Alerts

Tailored alerts with customizable notifications

Driver’s App

Driver’s app gives complete control to your delivery personnel to keep on the track and informed to follow the instructions and respond timely. This can help avoid unfavourable circumstances on the road.


White Label Fleet Tracking Solution by Industry



Farm and crop harvesting equipment monitoring and tracking

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Commercial, residenential, demolition, and civil construction equipment tracking

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Asset tracking, medical equipment and ambulance tracking and monitoring.

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White Label GPS Tracking As An Integral Part Of Business

Operational Control

  • Optimize Routes
  • Enhanced Security
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Geo-location and Alerts
  • Real-time Visibility
  • 100+ Cross-Industry Capabilities

Efficient Fleet Optimization

  • It helps in efficient route planning and provides access to real-time traffic data and historical route information.
  • By analyzing this data, businesses can plan more efficient routes, avoiding traffic congestion and road closures.
  • GPS tracking enables dynamic dispatching, allowing you to respond to changing conditions in real-time.
  • Lumyri GPS tracking platform not only tracks vehicles but also monitors asset utilization. This includes tracking equipment, trailers, or containers.

Customization and Integration

Brand Integration

Lumyri White label GPS tracking platform can be fully customized to match your brand's identity. This seamless integration extends to logos, color schemes, and user interfaces.

API Integration

For businesses with specific needs, white label GPS tracking platforms offer API integration options. This allows you to tailor the functionality to your unique business requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can your white-label GPS tracking platform help me increase the efficiency of my fleet and reduce operational costs?

Lumyri white-label GPS tracking platform with real-time tracking and analytics enables you to monitor your fleet's performance closely. By optimizing routes and assigning remote workforce management, you can significantly increase efficiency and lower operational costs.

What customization options are available to ensure the GPS tracking solution seamlessly integrates with my brand and business requirements?

Can your platform provide real-time tracking and analytics to help me make data-driven decisions and improve my business's performance?

What kind of support and training do you offer to ensure a smooth transition and maximum ROI for my business?

How does your pricing structure work, and are there any hidden fees or long-term contracts that I should be aware of?

What security measures are in place to protect sensitive data and ensure the privacy of my customers and employees?