Lumyri GPS Tracking Solution: Your Reliable GPS Solution

Lumyri is the best choice for powering your distribution business with cutting-edge GPS tracking solutions. Lumyri’s comprehensive suite of tools allows your team to track fleets, shipments, and inventory in real-time, optimise delivery routes for timely and cost-effective distribution, and ensure maximum efficiency. Lumyri’s industry-leading tracking tools give you unparalleled visibility and control over your distribution processes, streamlining operations and enhancing productivity.

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Track Better, Invest Smarter


Real-time Tracking

Ensure better visibility, reduces the risk of theft and unauthorised use, and ensures efficient fleet utilisation.


Route Optimisation

Help distribution companies plan the most efficient paths for deliveries, reducing travel time, fuel costs, and optimising resource allocation.


Enhanced Safety

Allow businesses to monitor and enforce safety protocols for drivers and shipments with routing software for deliveries


Streamlined Logistics

Provide valuable insights into the movement of shipments.


Improved CX

Enables businesses to provide accurate delivery estimates and real-time updates to clients.


Data-driven insights

Empower informed decision-making and drive continuous improvement and business growth.


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Safety in Distribution

Lumyri is a powerful routing software for deliveries that can help distribution companies overcome many of the challenges they face. With real-time visibility, accurate route planning, and data-driven insights, Lumyri can help distribution companies improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase safety.

Lumyr’s simplicity is what makes it so great to use for businesses. The drivers, clients, amd business owners, can all utilise maximum potential from the app. Here are some of the ways Lumyri can help distribution companies:

  • Minimise the risk of theft or misuse.
  • Reduces costs and enhances distribution efficiency.
  • Optimise resource allocation and improve distribution.
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Dispatch Sefely with Routing Software For Deliveries

Lumyri empowers distribution workers to achieve excellence in every delivery by providing them with the tools they need to work efficiently, safely, and with confidence. Lumyri's GPS tracking solutions offer real-time tracking, optimised routing, and data-driven insights, which allow workers to:

  • Access real-time information on delivery progress.
  • Follow the most efficient delivery paths.
  • Stay informed about safety protocols.
  • Optimise workflows, and collaborate effectively with their team.
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GPS Tracking Solution for Enhanced Distribution Navigation

Say goodbye to clunky hardware and hello to seamless fleet tracking with Lumyri's innovative tracker-free routing software for deliveries. With no additional hardware required, you can save costs and effortlessly integrate Lumyri's discreet tracking into your operations. Experience enhanced flexibility, ease of implementation, and advanced security features, empowering your distribution business to navigate the roads with ease.

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Tailored Distribution Management

Elevate your distribution business with Lumyri's White Label GPS Tracking Platform, designed to cater to your brand identity. Impress clients with a fully customized platform featuring your logo, color schemes, and branding elements.

Gain comprehensive insights into your fleet's performance, optimize routes, and receive geofencing alerts for enhanced security. Strengthen customer satisfaction and streamline operations by offering an unrivaled tracking experience under your brand's umbrella.

  • Data-driven distribution success with robust fleet reporting tools.
  • Comprehensive insights, enabling real-time data on vehicle locations.
  • Optimize deliveries with efficient route planning and ensure safe driving.
  • Tailor your reports to your specific needs and empower your team.
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Effortless Distribution Workflows

Real-Time Delivery

Stay on top of real-time updates with routing software for deliveries, ensuring workers are informed about their assignments and deadlines. Instant delivery notifications empower workers to prioritise and execute deliveries efficiently, driving distribution progress.


How We Work?

Our motto is to keep it simple! Here’s how easy it is to get some use out of Lumyri.

  • Data Collection

    Lumyri’s GPS software tracking system collects and frequently updates mapping data from different cloud-based engines.

  • Algorithmic Optimization

    The software uses optimization algorithms to calculate the most efficient sequence of waypoints to minimise travel time, distance, or other relevant criteria.

  • Navigation Guidance

    The software provides turn-by-turn navigation instructions to the user or driver, guiding them along the optimized route.


Lumyri: Empowering Distribution Excellence

Transform your distribution processes with Lumyri's GPS tracking solutions, optimising efficiency, safety, and communication in every delivery.


Million Users


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Elevate Distribution with Geolocation Brilliance


Optimise distribution efficiency

By optimising workflows, resource allocation, and delivery progress with real-time tracking and task management.


Empower safe deliveries

By ensuring driver safety and compliance through geofencing alerts and transparent communication.


Make collaboration seamless

By fostering team collaboration with instant messaging and shipment instructions sharing for precise deliveries.


Collaborative approach

Join over 30 million satisfied users and 2000+ companies who rely on Lumyri's GPS prowess.

Prevent Violations And Cut Costs with Routing Software For Deliveries

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