Ultimate Construction Equipment Tracking Solution

With Lumyri’s industry-leading Construction GPS tracking platform , you gain unparalleled visibility and control over your construction projects, streamlining operations and enhancing productivity. With Lumyri as your trusted equipment GPS tracking solution, you can focus on what matters most—delivering exceptional results, on time and on budget, while leaving the complexities of location-based management to us.

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Lumyri GPS Tracking Solution For Construction Industry


Real-Time Tracking

The Lumyri equipment GPS tracking solution offers real-time tracking of construction assets such as equipment, vehicles, and materials. This ensures better visibility, reducing the risk of asset theft.


Route Optimization

Lumyri's advanced route optimization capabilities help construction companies plan the most efficient paths for material delivery, equipment transportation, and personnel movement.


Safety and Compliance

With Lumyri, construction businesses can monitor and enforce safety protocols on construction sites. Real-time location tracking of personnel and equipment allows proactive regulatory compliance.


Project Management

Lumyri's equipment GPS tracking tools streamline project management by providing valuable insights into the progress of various construction tasks. Managers can monitor and analyze real-time data.


Improved Customer Experience

Delivering projects on time and efficiently is essential for a positive customer experience. Lumyri GPS tracking solutions enable construction companies to provide accurate delivery estimates.


Data-Driven Insights

Lumyri's construction GPS tracking platform generates valuable data and analytics for businesses to optimize their operations.


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Construction GPS Tracking Software

Lumyri is a tailored cloud-based equipment GPS tracking software designed specifically for the construction industry. With Lumyri’s advanced construction GPS tracking and route optimization capabilities, companies can significantly mitigate risks and streamline their operations. Lumyri’s data-driven insights empower construction businesses to make informed decisions, optimize resource allocation, and improve overall productivity and safety.

  • Real-Time Asset Tracking
  • Efficient Route Optimization
  • Data-Driven Insights
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Construction Workforce Management

With Lumyri construction GPS tracking software and its Geo-location capabilities, construction companies can do effective workforce management. The real-time equipment GPS tracking ensures efficiency, safety, and confidence.

  • Access real-time information on project progress
  • Guide workers to the most efficient paths
  • Stay informed about safety protocols
  • Access to data-driven insights
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Geo-Location Technology

Enhance operational capabilities of your construction business by leveraging geo-location technology powered by Lumyri equipment GPS tracking solution. From real-time equipment gps tracking to accurate site survyeing and mapping, Lumyri ultimate Construction GPS tracking platform got you covered. Remotely monitor and manage your assets and personnel – all from a cloud-based GPS tracking software built to cater construction industry needs.

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Lumyri Driver Mobile App

The Lumyri app is a game-changer for the construction industry, empowering workers with an unprecedented level of control and visibility in their daily tasks. The intuitive and user-friendly interface of this equipment GPS tracking app allows construction workers to access crucial information instantly, enabling them to make informed decisions without delay. Real-time updates on task assignments, project progress, and material tracking keep workers in the loop, minimizing communication gaps and enhancing overall efficiency.

  • Real-Time Task Management
  • Efficient Material Tracking
  • Safety Alerts and Compliance
  • Available in iOS & Android
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Streamlining Construction Workflows

Task Management

Stay on top of project tasks with real-time updates, ensuring workers are informed about their assignments and deadlines. Instant task notifications empower workers to prioritise and execute tasks efficiently, driving project progress.

With Lumyri construction GPS tracking, drivers are able to track how long a delivery might take, and plan other deliveries accordingly. This also prompts them to take routes which have the most efficient roadmaps, ultimately leading to better fuel consumption.


How Lumyri Route Optimization Work?

Using state-of-the-art technology to make sure your clients get the best equipment GPS tracking solution for their needs.

  • Data Collection

    Lumyri’s construction GPS tracking system collects and frequently updates mapping data from different cloud-based engines.

  • Algorithmic Optimization

    The software uses optimization algorithms to calculate the most efficient sequence of waypoints to minimise travel time, distance, or other relevant criteria.

  • Navigation Guidance

    The software provides turn-by-turn navigation instructions to the user or driver, guiding them along the optimized route.


Make Your Construction Business More Profitable!

Transform your construction processes with Lumyri's equipment GPS tracking solution, optimizing efficiency, safety, and communication on every project.


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Improved Construction Operations With Lumyri Equipment GPS Tracking


Unleash Construction Efficiency

Optimize workflows, resource allocation, and project progress with real-time tracking and task management.


Empower Safe And Secure Sites

Ensure worker safety and compliance through geofencing alerts and transparent communication.


Collaboration Made Seamless

Foster team collaboration with instant messaging and blueprint sharing for precise execution.


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