Lumyri Platform: Access Possibilities

The Lumyri Platform contains a rich set of tools allowing Businesses to access all the services being offered. For some Businesses using the provided tools is a major advantage while for others there are various scenarios where OEM application might not be optimal, therefore, requiring a more custom solution. Some Businesses might require Maps and Location services and the Lumyri Geolocation API can be used to fulfill those demands. The Lumyri Platform covers several use cases by providing heterogeneous access possibilities.

The following are the three ways Businesses can use our platform and services:

  1. 1: Lumyri Frontend
  2. 2: Lumyri API
  3. 3: Geolocation API

Lumyri Frontend

Don’t start from scratch, start using the Lumyri’s multi-featured, high-performance frontend. Several Businesses do not have the time to build a reliable tracking platform. Lumyri has you covered.

Build or modernise your tracking solutions that ensure intuitive maps, performant geocoding, reliable navigation and quick search experiences. Leverage our pre-built front end to develop more efficient, scalable, and robust tracking solutions that deliver a consistent and engaging experience to your customers. There’s nothing keeping your business from growing. Scale up today!

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Cross-browser and device compatibility for web-based tracking solutions that support different screen sizes and devices, providing a better user experience.


Customization options featuring multiple color schemes, fonts, layouts, navigation controls, and other components to personalize your tracking solution's look.


Ability to add new features and functionalities, enabling your tracking solution to scale up conveniently according to changing user needs and marketing trends.


Lumyri API

The Lumyri Platform is built on fast, secure and reliable API endpoints. Businesses who want to integrate their existing website or custom application with the Lumyri Platform can do so with ease. This flexibility allows Businesses to develop and automate various workflow either not available on the Lumyri Platform or to suit more particular requirements. Lumyri has been designed with this openness and flexibility in mind.

Lumyri gives businesses and developers complete access to its standardized APIs, making their next geolocation system easier to design and build. Upgrade your existing model or create a new one - Lumyri API will deliver whatever you need.

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Geolocation API

Whether you are working on a project requiring a fast Map, address to coordinate conversion, vice versa or you are building a navigation application requiring an accurate routing algorithm, we got you covered. The Lumyri Geolocation API has a comprehensive list of affordable services to satisfy your requirements making sure your project is successful. Do hesitate to check out our list of geolocation API.

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Location Data

Track live locations on the map, along with ongoing changes in the position


Convert latitude and longitude into human-readable addresses or vice versa


Visualize geographic data to make navigation and business intelligence easier

POI Search

Provide geographical details about the places users specifically search on map

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