10 Drawbacks of Not Using GPS Tracking Software for Your Fleet Drivers

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GPS tracking softwares has revolutionised the business landscape. They provide maximum security, optimal route navigation, timely transportation, and help businesses avoid potential client-business relationship threats. Platforms like Lumyri provide excellent GPS tracking software for a diverse range of businesses.

More than 77% of businesses with transportation needs use GPS tracking platforms. GPS tracking software like Lumyri has developed a seamless cloud-based tracking software that meets the specific needs of each industry. With a highly accurate data integration algorithm, geolocation capabilities, and expert route optimisation, Lumyri is a true leader in the industry.

Increased Risks and Inefficiencies

Companies that do not use GPS tracking software are at a disadvantage because they lack real-time vehicle tracking. This means that they cannot see where their vehicles are at all times, which increases the risk of theft and unauthorised use. Additionally, without real-time tracking, it is difficult to know if drivers are taking the most efficient routes, which can lead to delays and increased fuel costs. Lumyri can help mitigate these risks by providing drivers with the most efficient routes, as well as real-time tracking so that companies can always see where their vehicles are. This can help to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and protect assets.

Customer Dissatisfaction

Another downside to not using GPS tracking softwares for your business is that you are likely to be at risk for customer dissatisfaction. Because of missed or delayed deliveries, the client could become agitated and this decreases consumer loyalty. Furthermore, inaccurate ETA predictions can lead to a lack of trust and clients get frustrated. 

All of this can be cured by opting for Lumyri, Lumyri makes sure that through their geo-tracking cloud based software, they are able to accurately predict the time of delivery based on traffic updates. Another disadvantage of not using GPS tracking software for your business is that you are more likely to face customer dissatisfaction. Missed or delayed deliveries can irritate customers and reduce customer loyalty.

Additionally, inaccurate ETA predictions can lead to a lack of trust and frustration among customers. All of this can be avoided by using Lumyri. Lumyri uses geo-tracking cloud-based software to accurately predict delivery times based on traffic updates.

Poor Driver Behavior Management

Businesses are negatively impacted when drivers are unprofessional. When companies do not use GPS tracking software, they are ignoring their drivers’ behaviour. However, when drivers are being monitored, they are more likely to act professionally and appropriately. Drivers may also refuse to follow safety regulations when there is no supervision. Lumyri’s GPS tracking software allows businesses to monitor their drivers’ activities, which leads to a better and safer environment for everyone involved.

Unplanned Maintenance Costs

Not using a GPS tracking software can also lead to unnoticed predictive maintenance costs. When you can see and monitor your vehicle’s activity and mileage, it is easier to predict when it might need repairs. This is helpful because it means that the vehicle’s health is being monitored. Additionally, the GPS tracking software can see if the vehicle is taking risky routes. Lumyri can do all of this for your vehicle. Lumyri can help you reduce unnecessary costs by ensuring that you can track maintenance issues on the go.

Ineffective Resource Allocation

Without GPS tracking software, it is easy to underutilize your fleet. This means that even if your vehicles are available, you may not be aware of it. As your business expands, it becomes difficult to keep track of an inventory of hundreds of vehicles. This is why GPS tracking software can help you see which of your vehicles are on the go, allocate dormant vehicles, and generate more potential revenue. Lumyri is one such software that can help you efficiently use your vehicles and build your inventory in a better way.

Limited Data-Driven Insights

Without reliable GPS tracking software, there are a great deal of missed opportunities. This means that there is a lot of data that could be analysed, which could lead to the creation of an optimal navigation plan for drivers to ensure maximum potential revenue. Additionally, without a GPS tracking software like Lumyri, there is a lack of demand pattern identification. If demand patterns are efficiently read, they could lead to the creation of graphs that could enable the business to make a marketing plan that could upscale the business and create stronger bonds with its clientele.

Security and Theft Vulnerabilities

In addition, asset security is the most critical component of a company’s profit retention strategy. Businesses can protect their assets from unauthorised use with state-of-the-art GPS tracking software like Lumyri. The software can prevent employees from using vehicles for personal reasons or taking longer routes to justify tardiness. It can also be use to track stolen vehicles. Without reliable GPS tracking software, it can be very difficult to recover a stolen vehicle. However, all registered vehicles can be easily tracke with Lumyri’s protection. 

Environmental Impact and Sustainability

When vehicle routes are not regulate or optimise, it leads to increased fuel consumption and carbon emissions. However, when companies optimise their vehicle routes, they can track their vehicles and see which roads are use by their fleet. This allows them to avoid having all of their trucks on the same road, consolidate cargo, and save fuel. GPS tracking software makes it easy to track and take advantage of these opportunities.For example, if a company has a fleet of delivery trucks, GPS tracking software can be use to ensure that the trucks are always on the move and that they are not taking any unnecessary detours. This can help to reduce fuel costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Lack of Business Scalability

Companies that do not use GPS tracking software are missing out on the opportunity to grow strategically. They could potentially identify the locations of all of their clients and ensure that they are using the most efficient routes to reach them. Lumyri makes this very easy, which in turn helps businesses expand.Companies that do not use GPS tracking software are missing out on a great opportunity to grow strategically.

Ultimately, Lumyri serves as a beacon of opportunity for businesses seeking to navigate the complexities of fleet management. It’s not just about staying afloat in a competitive market; it’s about thriving, scaling, and building a resilient foundation for the future. As we conclude our exploration of the drawbacks of neglecting GPS tracking software, one thing becomes clear: Lumyri isn’t just a solution – it’s a transformational tool that propels your business towards new heights of success, efficiency, and innovation. Embrace Lumyri and revolutionize your fleet management today.

Aiden Mitchel
Aiden Mitchel
As a GPS Tech geek, I find Lumyri's transformative impact on GPS technology on businesses and their customers. Real-time tracking information empowers businesses to provide accurate delivery estimates, allowing customers to plan their schedules with precision.

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